Digital Document Storage

Integral to improved business process is the document management procedures for the your
business. Paper management and security can cost companies 10-20% of their revenue.
With our partner services your company can reduce filing and increase security of your most
important documents. Our solution is environmentally responsible, providing you with the
means to go green in your office.

Signature Appointment Scheduling

The main benefits of using Signature Scheduling:
- Get up to 40% more bookings while reducing no-shows and saving hours per week thanks to
the convenient and intuitive scheduling interface the application has to offer.
- Save 75% of the time you spend managing appointments by eliminating the need to compare
booking schedules, manually sending out reminder emails, and keeping track of all your existing
appointments in various calendars.
- Reduce your customer no-show rates by up to 80% with automated email and SMS* reminders
set to go out before your appointments take place.
(*SMS are not included)
- Every appointment created is automatically stored in the relevant contact profile to provide
insights into the interaction and transaction history of each of your customers.
With Signature Scheduling you can book unlimited appointments and create unlimited services.
- The online mandatory payment option can be easily set-up in your account. It allows your
customers to pay seamlessly when they book a service.
- A mini-website dedicated to your business with all the information in one place is ready to use.
Your Signature Scheduling widget is directly embedded into the minisite.
- 2-way calendar synchronization allows you and your staff to offer real-time availability to your
clients so booking appointments come without confusion.
- Synchronize your appointments with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Windows Live and
Microsoft Outlook.

Digital Forms Management

We develop online forms and provide integration solutions with any of your business platforms.
Save administration costs when your team is no longer required to data entry of new patient data.
Automatically route collected form data to the right people and departments.
Quickly sends confirmation emails to customers or patients.
manage information across your entire organization.

Strategy Development

Perhaps your growing company now requires better resources to handle documentation, filing or
accounting processes. Our professional consultants are seasoned at evaluating current processes,
recommending and implementing powerful and cost effective tools to ensure your business is
running smoothly.
We will improve your business’ performance by streamlining operations and aligning your
processes and technologies.
We can help you trim down the time needed to complete business procedures and implement
methods making business operations more efficient with fewer errors.

Staffing Solutions

There are occasions when you may need onsite, temporary staffing expertise to help get your
vision in motion. If you're faced with the necessity of project-specific labor services, turn to HL
Group Staffing Services to find contract and temporary employees.
Faced with the necessity of project-specific labor services, many companies are finding contract
services an effective means of alleviating short term staffing needs.
Our staff of talent brokers are seasoned professionals dedicated to identifying the right talent at
the right time. We use time tested, proven techniques and technologies to ensure both the client
and candidate can mutually benefit from the job search match.
With one call to HL Group you can be sure these extensive resources are working for you.
Whether you are an employer seeking to hire professionals or an individual looking for an
exciting career move, our team is committed to helping you meet your objectives.